Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Some interesting variations on Paranoid released on vinyl; very first press on Vertigo Swirl features an important credit to Jim Simpson, Big Bear Management Birmingham. This was very quickly removed just after the album was released due to the band splitting from the management team.

Jim Simpson Big Bear Management Credit removed immediately after initial release...

1st issue label design, you'll find this with the above sleeve credit and also without it...

2nd press label design, from 1971 onwards, often found with a laminated sleeve also. Very 1st pressings always have unlaminated gatefold sleeves... There are slight variations on this label where the P 1970 appears above the 33 1/3. Also the credit "Produced by Roger Bain for Tony Hall Enterprises" is on one line...

It was then released on Spaceship labels in 1973, again a short run as the band switched to WWA in late '73

4th issue on WWA from 1973 onwards:

NEMS version from 1976:

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